Happy Christmas.

It’s finally here, the day I’ve been waiting for all year: my favorite holiday, Christmas. Although there are no presents under the Christmas tree this year, I’m still looking forward to the annual Christmas dinner with my family and our relatives. Why are there zero presents under the tree this year you ask? Well, as you know, I’m a college student, a broke college student that only asked for money to spend on textbooks and miscellaneous expenses for next semester. I can honestly say I’m pretty thankful for the help my relatives are giving me by even helping out on my college expenses and it is graciously appreciated.

In honor of the warm feeling that today brings, I would like to present to you a song covered by a friend of mine, Vinh Nguyen. The music video below features one of the most adorable and fashionable couples I know: Johnny Van and Hoang-Kim Cung.

Aside from the fact that this video is quite adorable, it features a couple that presents to the world how aspirational and dedicated the millennial generation can be. Johnny is the founder of uThinkTank and Hoang-Kim is the current reigning Miss Texas Collegiate and writes a fabulous lifestyle/fashion blog called My Golden Age. These two definitely represent the belief that a little bit of hard work can go a long way. Now that I’ve managed to rant about this cute couple, let me go back to the artist covering this song. Vinh is a first-year student at UTD that I met at SMU’s Asian American Leadership Education Conference a few years ago. All of his covers are amazing and you should definitely check out the rest of the videos on his channel.

image courtesy of Pinterest

I hope I haven’t been too cheesy during this post and if I haven’t, let me increase the cheese factor just a little more. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Day filled with warmth, happiness and tons of delicious food.


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