Nerdy Christmas Eve.

I’m a bit of a girly girl. The type that enjoys finding a sophisticated piece of clothing and admiring it as if it was a piece of artwork. However, there is also another side to me: the nerdy technology geek that is obsessed with the latest gadget on the market and becomes overwhelmingly excited when Google changes its homepage themes. In honor of Christmas Eve and to express to y’all my inner nerd, I present to you the current Google theme that has me refreshing my page for a good ten minutes due to sheer amusement – like a kid in a candy store kind of happiness.

click to be directed to Google homepage

Seriously you guys, I’m pretty obsessed with this right now. It’s as if Google realized I’ve been having a stressful week in retail hell and decided to cheer me up with a simple theme that just happened to make me giggle like a giddy little girl. Talk about the best Christmas present ever – aside from the money relatives send me to pay for next semester’s textbooks.

Speaking of serious topics such as textbooks, I have successfully sent out all my holiday e-mails to my favorite PR pros and former internship supervisors. Due to my lack of stamps and lack of time to purchase festive stamps, I guess e-mails will have to do. However, I will admit, I am quite disappointed in myself for not sending out as many holiday cards this year as I have in recent years, considering it’s kind of my thing for the season. I guess the reduction is a result of a the sheer amount of hours I’ve been logging for my position as a retail slave sales associate.

On a lighter note: I would love to wish all of you (the few who actually read this blog) a happy almost Christmas. May your church services and midnight masses meet your expectations.


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