The First Cupcake.

Once upon a time, I promised I would start documenting my baked goods on this blog and then failed miserably to live up to my promise. Tonight, after a week of waiting, I present to you the very first cupcake of the winter break season. This cupcake debuts as a pecan and graham cracker cupcake with vanilla frosting that has been lightly decorated with pecan and graham cracker crumbs. The recipe is simply a modified version of your basic vanilla cupcake or at least my recipe for a vanilla cupcake.

I am not blessed enough to have a nice camera, but I do have a suitable one and iPhoto, which allows me to lighten the image and blur the edges for that “fancy” camera effect. I promise I will bake more throughout the break and apologize for the suspense due to my seemingly endless retail work schedule. I hope all of you enjoy my little piece of food porn. Drool away my dear readers. And for all of you who are not satisfied with a simple picture for this post, I present to you, Michael Buble’s I’ll Be Home for Christmas.


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