Ten Things Tuesdays.

I keep telling myself I need to update my blog more often now that I actually have time to post updates. However, I haven’t been as consistent as I promised in a previous post. Tomorrow is my first day off from work in about a week and will finally get to bake some amazingly photogenic cupcakes. In order to keep all you wonderful readers amused until I post the fabulous pictures of the cupcakes I am going to bake tomorrow, I present to you: Ten Things Tuesday – chapter one, in which I inform y’all about ten things that make me happy.

1. Nutella sandwiches on whole grain wheat bread
2. Discovering new things about my Mac
3. Driving around in my car
4. Drinking coffee or tea on a rainy day
5. Staying in PJs on a lazy Sunday while watching my favorite shows
6. Proving people wrong when they believe I will fail

7. Stationary, planners and office supplies
8. Reading for fun
9. Tight hugs
10. Kisses on the forehead

images courtesy of Pinterest 


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