Contrary to popular belief, I have baked once in the past week. However, I did not manage to document my amazing cupcakes for the blog world to view and for that, I apologize dearly. Anyway, I can’t help but to revert back to my old topics of what I love most about this season. One of my most favorite aspects about this season is writing holiday cards.

This is the card I'm going to send out this season.

Back in high school, I was notorious for writing these cards and my fellow classmates not only asked about them, but expected to receive them during the season. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my friends who have gone off to different colleges still keep my silly holiday cards from our high school years. I spend a good amount of time sitting down and writing these cards because I believe that each card should have a specific message that appeals to that person as an individual. I am personally not a fan of the generic card messages that involve a simple “Happy Holidays!” No, I fill the entire card with a profound message that is personal and specific to that individual.

One of my favorite places to hunt down affordable and visually appealing cards is Paper Source. I can spend countless hours in this store and collect a variety of cards for different occasions if I had the time. The best thing about this supplier is the random sales on cards that one can find. Today, for example, I stopped by to purchase about 10 cards thinking I would spend around $10 or so for a fairly decent design. However, I found 10 for $4.85 and that’s with tax. With the excitement of such a reasonably priced purchase, I sat down and began writing. I didn’t have the time to pass out holiday cards while I was on campus, so the lucky few who have graciously provided me with their addresses will be receiving my cards via snail mail.

I hope everyone is having a great winter break and holiday season!


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