Hey, Sugar.

Everyone has their weaknesses when it comes to food and mine is my sweet tooth. With the holidays nearing more and more, my sweet tooth feels the need to be satisfied. The sweet beverages served at coffee shops, the frosted cookies, cakes, pastries galore! My sweet tooth gets a little gift of its own on every corner. The best thing about all these marvelous munchies? The creative holiday aspect of each creation.

I didn't make this, but I thought it looked delicious. Courtesy of Pinterest.

But it’s not only the pastries I find at bakeries and coffee shops, I’m also a strong believer in homemade baked goods. In the next few weeks, my goal is to bake my own holiday creations and document them on here. I have a month of leisure time before I head back to campus and bury myself in studies. Wish me luck lovely readers!


One comment

  1. Ahh, Yule Logs! I love making them for the Holidays – they’re simple and so tasty. Plus, they look like you’ve slaved on them for hours. Good luck in your baking endeavors!

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