Modern Frank Sinatra.

Michael Buble has often been called the modern Frank Sinatra of our generation because of his soothing vocals. As lame as it may sound, I’ve been playing his new Christmas album even before Thanksgiving. That is why number two on my most favorite aspects of Christmas for this year is Michael Buble’s Christmas album. If you’re a college student like I am and you’re a little short in the fiscal department, consider listening to the fabulous album via Spotify. Although I must admit it is slightly invasive of your Facebook posts by informing your Facebook friends about what you’re listening to, I must admit this marketing technique to avoid music piracy problems is worth it.

Click to purchase CD online.

My advice for this season: go to Spotify, listen to Michael Buble’s Christmas album and dream of sugar plum fairies while counting down the days until finals are done. I promise it will be worth your time.


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