Burnt Orange & Turkey.

I love Texas football. I always have and always will – regardless of the outcome of any game. Today marks one of the biggest games during the football season and one of the most historic games in Texas football history. As many avid college football fans know, TAMU has left the Big 12 for the SEC and will not be playing UT again any time soon. It is currently the second quarter and I’m already yelling hysterically at the television screen with a combination of frustration and hope. I am very frustrated by the fact that TAMU is actually winning, but hopeful that my longhorns will make a comeback, or at least get really close.

I guess the only positive aspect tonight, aside from the one touch down my beloved Longhorns have had so far, is the abundance of food that I just consumed. Living in an Asian family, our Thanksgivings are a combination of Vietnamese cuisine and traditional Thanksgiving food. In other words, my dinner consisted of a turkey, the usual Thanksgiving sides, along with egg rolls and East Asian curry (the coconut milk based kind).

Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game, I am still thankful I am able to attend a prestigious university with a great network of alumni, brilliant professors and a strong sense of school spirit. I am also very thankful for the deals I will be snatching up at midnight tonight when doors open for Black Friday. I’m a huge tech nerd and fashion guru, so Black Friday provides me with the ability to indulge in both areas.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all and hook ’em horns, always.

Update: WE BEAT TEXAS A&M! 27 – 25 \m/


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