The end of the beginning.

We spend our entire high school careers anxious for the college experience. Upon arrival to college, I thought it would move slowly and every moment seemed like it would last forever. Today marks the nearing of the end of the beginning. The last home game of the season and the last weekend before I head home for Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving are finals that I am truly dreading and then my first semester of college will come to an end.As mentioned in my “about me” section, I attend the University of Texas at Austin. Located in the heart of Texas, the weather is just about as unpredictable as the rest of Texas, if not more. Last night I found myself walking through gusting winds in 60 degree weather and today it is around 80 degrees – gusting winds still included. As any other Texan can tell you, Texas is one of those states where you can experience all four seasons within the course of a few days and sometimes within one day and today is no exception.Because today’s football game doesn’t begin until 7:00 PM, I have found myself snuggling up with my Introduction to Global Media assignment and warm tea in hopes of being productive and suppressing this developing cold. Hopefully my immune system lives up to the demands of the end of this semester.


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