Surprise Bloom

I was in seventh grade when I first discovered a fashion blog. I believe it was called Closet Therapy or something along those lines. After browsing through a collection of fashion blogs, I was hooked. At one point, I even attempted to manage my own fashion blog – and failed miserably. But even with my failures, I was still fascinated by the fashion blogging world. The fact that these men and women can broadcast their daily outfits and musings to strangers across the world absolutely fascinated me; they were obviously brave to pursue such a task.

Currently, I have found myself reading a few fashion blogs on a daily basis. One of my favorites being a Texan that I have recently discovered lives in a suburb of Dallas, not too far from my own hometown. Her name is Kendi of Kendi Everyday and her store that just opened during this past September suits her casual feminine style perfectly – Bloom.

Kendi of Kendi Everyday at her store - Bloom - in McKinney, Tx. Image courtesy of Bloom.

I cannot wait to return to Dallas this Thanksgiving break and explore this lovely store. As an avid reader of her blog, it is going to be an absolutely pleasure meeting the woman behind such an addicting read. I admire her views on fashion and completely agree that a woman’s wardrobe only needs a few simple pieces to make it a great one. The quote on the “About” page of her store website describes it all:

“I think a wardrobe is much like a garden. It needs constant tending.”– Nick Wooster


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