PRe Commerce

I refuse to accept the fact that all the reading I have done lately are for classes, rather than for leisure purposes. I have a small collection of “books to read” on the bookshelf of my dorm room calling out, waiting to be read when I am not intently analyzing my textbooks. A recent acquirement of said “book to read” is PRe Commerce by Bob Pearson – Chief Technology and Media Officer at Austin’s own WCG.

I had the opportunity of hearing Pearson speak at a weekly Texas Tower Public Relations meeting – the student run public relations firm that I am a member of at The University of Texas. Often times, speakers from fabulous companies rant on endlessly about how great their company is, rather than providing much needed beneficial advice. Pearson, however, did exactly what I had hoped: he spoke in a lecture form that allowed the audience to actually learn concepts.

Pre-Commerce by Bob Pearson

At the end of the meeting, Pearson enacted what I would describe as an “Oprah Winfrey” moment and provided every account associate with a copy of his book. I am currently in the process of reading his book that boasts a presentation of ideas for “leaders to engage directly with customers to shape their brand and marketplace success.” It is evident that social media has become an integral part of the marketplace, but often times aspiring PR pros, like myself, are unaware of how to use social media properly. According to Pearson, it is important for students of the industry to stay informed and updated about the evolving forms of technology. Social presence is one of the key factors that lead to success in the competitive industry. Those who maintain a strong presence will become a household name for consumers.

Innovators in the industry never stop learning and have a certain entrepreneurial drive that will never cease. Overall, I cannot wait to delve into the beneficial information that PRe-Commerce has to offfer.


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