The Intro

They say a blog usually  begins after a blogger introduces herself to the blog-o-sphere, so I guess it is only appropriate that I follow that same template that so many have ventured before me. Good evening, afternoon and morning – depending on where you are in the world – I am yet another college student entering the world of blogging in hopes of becoming the source of amusement for all of the readers out there; at least, I hope I will have readers.

I guess I should follow the concept of “they say” with the next statement: they say in order to reach a variety of audiences, I need to relate to readers and express myself in a real way. But what is the real me? The real me is currently sitting at a cubicle at the Perry Casteneda Library wondering why in the world I have decided to choose this old library of all places to type up my first blog post. Maybe it is because I have successfully finished writing my 7 page global media paper about the “democracy of participation” in the media and am so ecstatic that I needed to express it to the world. Or maybe, I’m just too lazy to move myself into a more inspirational location that will provide a more entertaining blog post. Maybe I’m just preparing myself for a future desk job.

Either way, the real me is currently sitting here, ranting to you in hopes of becoming the source of a grin on your face. I guess in some sense, I’m not following the PR Daily guidelines of blogging too accurately right now. But as a college student, I’m supposed to be rebellious, right? Only to a certain degree. But seriously, now that I have casually mentioned PR Daily (my favorite daily read), I guess I should describe the A to Zs of blogging that described.

Courtesy of PR Daily. Click for article.

Isn’t it just the cutest image you have ever seen? But let’s be serious here, it’s  more than just an aesthetically appealing image, the article the image is located in has a guide that all bloggers should follow in order to grasp the attention of readers. I have successfully managed to do a few items under the ABCs of blogging. I have used simple diction, added a picture, written because I had something to say and I am definitely yearning for more. To all the PR gurus out there, I highly recommend PR Daily as a daily read on your agenda after shifting through Tweets and Facebook posts.


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